• POD Book Printing
    POD book printing is an area where experience, accuracy,
    quality and timeline are really the defining factors.
    You can’t take the risk, thus Carmel
  • Flyers & Brochures
    When it comes to speak in limited words and communicate
    with limited space, we have extensive experience in
    creating such marketing materials for you.
  • Office Stationery
    Your business requires its own class and brand touch
    to establish through the deserving growth space.
    We help you do the same.


Carmel printers started its journey 36 years ago. Mr. K.P Davis started it as a small letter press named as Geedi Printers and along with time introduced modern technologies and facilities. Year 2010 was another milestone in the history of Carmel as the offset division called Carmel Printers came in to existence. Now from two units Carmel and Geedi printers we serve all type of clients on their various requirements. By entering into POD Book Printing, Carmel is now became an integral part of literature process from the cultural capital city of Kerala.

Three and a half decades of experience and dedication has brought a huge number of esteemed customers to us; and till date we are ready to go that extra mile to put a smile of satisfaction on our customer's faces.



What is Print On Demand (POD)